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How phones are like golf clubs

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Today I sat down with the instruction booklet and the Motorola cell phone I’ve been using ever since Frank wanted his antique company-provided phone back when I departed his employ. (I was issued an upgraded Times BlackBerry at my request during labor negotiations, but it was clearly more phone than I needed and was subsequently retrieved for better application elsewhere. My children pitched me multiple shit over the clunky old Times phone I carried.) Why didn’t I read the instruction booklet when I got my own personal cell phone? Because it was a hand-me-down phone that Mike had before he got the BlackBerry to which he’s now tethered, and the instruction booklet was long gone. So I learned just enough to get minimal practical use from it.

But amazingly, the book emerged from the file cabinet a couple weeks ago, when, knocking another item off my retirement checklist, I cleaned out our decades worth of warranties, most of which explained TVs and mixers we haven’t had for ages. It was meant.

I took the booklet and started punching cell-phone keys along with its pages. Who knew my phone would record sound? Who knew I could command it to dial a contact by talking to it?

Oh. Everybody knew. Sorry.

As for golf clubs. When we were kids, my dad would justify getting new golf clubs for himself by passing his decent old ones down to my brother. Our family came to call the custom of doing well by doing good, “the old golf clubs technique.”

I have a used Motorola flip phone and my husband has a new BlackBerry. And that’s how phones are like golf clubs.


Written by geekypatty

October 24, 2009 at 2:54 am

Posted in Misc Tech

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