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The Picasa account is created, but I had neither the time nor the will to undertake learning the system. Another day.

Jenna and I delved into the mysteries of our cellular account, which she and Mike set up years ago, and discovered that I’m eligible for an upgrade and that we need more minutes. I’d go for the latter, but as for the former, just because I’m eligible for an upgrade doesn’t mean that I must get an upgrade. (Reminds me of a long-ago joke: An old man was on a street corner, waiting to cross. He stood there through one whole cycle, watching as the sign turned from Don’t Walk to Walk to Don’t Walk again. That annoyed a nearby panhandler, who asked him, “Man, why don’t you cross the damn street when the sign says ‘Walk’?” The old guy turned to him and said, “Because I consider it an invitation, sir, not a command.” But I digress.) I am just learning to work my old phone. Let’s not be hasty in getting rid of it now.

God, we spend a lot on cell service.


Written by geekypatty

October 25, 2009 at 9:07 pm

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