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One of my I.T. staff was in town for the weekend and I took the opportunity to ask him about a couple of annoying system reminders. I’d been resolutely clicking “remind me later” daily for weeks, only because “go away and never come back” was not offered as a clickable option. Sort of like the annoying noises coming from somewhere under your car that you really don’t want to get to the bottom of, because the bottom is going to be bad news.

One nagged me daily that my software was not genuine, the other that the free backup service I got with my computer was running out of space and could/should be upgraded.

My I.T. guy — a k a “Will” — dealt with the backup issue by showing me how to back up my files on an external hard drive that we had stored in the “miscellaneous cords and gadgets” basket. Plug it in; open up “my computer” from the start button; drag/copy the documents, photos and whatever into “verbatim” on the F-drive; toss the external drive back into the basket and hope we don’t lose everything including computer and basket in a fire. Although if we lose everything in a fire, I’m guessing I’ll be worried about a lot more than whatever was on my computer.

We determined that a monthly backup was sufficient as long as I routinely e-mailed any important documents to myself on gmail in case my computer crashed between backups. That reminds me of similar advice I was given by an unseen woman peeing at the lodge at Mt. Hood last month, shouted from behind the stall door when she heard me and my stepsister talking about lost files while we washed our hands at the sink: “You should always e-mail yourself a copy of anything important you send.”

But I digress. I put a recurring monthly backup reminder on my calendar. Since I’m retired, the time to do a backup is more cost-efficient than spending money to have it done automatically.

Then I.T. Guy and I. discussed my software issue. I paid an online somebody a lot of money last winter for a legit version, but had to dig about a bit to retrieve the seller’s info. We then found the software box with the product key on it. So Tech Support says I’m to contact the nagging entity, give the product key, find out why they think my copy is not genuine, and then if necessary contact the seller and raise hell.

A pain in the ass, but I’m retired and have the time — and the inclination — to make people make good when they should.


Written by geekypatty

November 2, 2009 at 4:42 am

Posted in Misc Tech

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