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I’d scan if I can, but for now there’s scant chance

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My technologically inclined brother John (maybe in our family technical aptitude is on the Y chromosome) loaned me his coolio scanner to process decades worth of family prints and slides that our stepfather is distributing as he tries to move our family detritus out of his home and into ours. John allows as how he’s put 40 hours, give or take, into scanning a first batch and wouldn’t someone else like to take a turn. Actually, as part of my transformation into a propeller-head, I would.

Download Canon 9950 F software to use the scanner and Gimp to edit the photos John tells me, after hooking up the scanner (probably saving me hours) and ascertaining I don’t have good photo-editing software on my computer.

Roger wilco, I reply as he drives away. He was no more out of sight than I was baffled by which of the many download options I should elect from both sites. I thought scanning and editing the photos would be the hard part, but clearly I have other challenges to meet first.

Staying tuned for further direction from technobro.


Written by geekypatty

November 8, 2009 at 8:30 pm

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