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I won’t be going to Rome. So that removes the deadline pressure to become technologically ept, but I’m still committed to the process.

And what’s with The Nagging Entity? I filed an online “why do you think my copy isn’t genuine?” report along with the product key (after first ending up in Indeeya when I tried to handle this by phone) (and if they printed the product key any smaller an ant couldn’t read it) and after getting an immediate pro forma e-mail that they’d be back to me within 24 hours, haven’t heard a word. I even e-mailed them again to ask wazzup. And no, there is not a message from them in my spam folder, although searching for it was a delightful trip through “meaty lever” subject lines.

I think I will start sending them daily error messages with a “remind me later” button and they can see how they like it.

Oh, and I just figured out why my posts were not time-stamped correctly. The template is set to UTC — Coordinated Universal Time, which I always called GMT — and Seattle is -8 hours. So Settings now reflects the correct time, and I discovered a place to enter a subhead for my blog.


Written by geekypatty

November 8, 2009 at 1:27 am

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