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Misfit sent me 14 security/Office updates this morning, and the @#$%^&* “This copy of Office is not genuine” error message is back. I have e-mailed Misfit, which still has not responded to my last e-mail, wondering which of the updates I should uninstall this time and asking if I will be doing this every time I get an update.

My I.T. person, Jenna, suggested getting an Apple computer, whose updates don’t include notifications that you’re a liar, a thief and a slut. Because it’s a little late for that, she took me on a Google search for a solution followed by a tour of the guts of my computer compliments of Task Manager, showing me what’s running and eating capacity that I don’t know about. Finally, she suggested my searches are too literal and I should try Googling for a hack fix by entering something frustrated like “damn Microsoft and its damn updates” (her words were a bit more profane but you get the idea).

We found some potential fixes, but I’m going to persist for an official solution from The Nagging Entity a while longer. I figure if they can waste my time, I can waste theirs. It’s sport.

p.s. Amazon sent me an e-mail this morning, noting that given my past interest, I might want to buy more software from them. Are they #$%^&* kidding?


Written by geekypatty

November 12, 2009 at 9:42 am

Posted in Software

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