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I’m not exactly sure how I did it, but I’ve scanned my first photo and deposited it in the unorganized mess that is my Picasa hoard.

I did have to find an online owner’s manual for the Canon 9950F, however, because it made a distressingly godawful sound when I turned it on, like it wanted to scan but couldn’t. Turns out, it was just that simple. There’s a lock on the bottom of the scanner that must be engaged when the device is moved, but obviously must be disengaged before it can do its work.

Followed some more directions from the owner’s manual to select Canon and Picasa from programs under my computer’s Start, pressed the scan button, groped my way through a few screen prompts and success!

Now all I have to do is scan several thousand photos and figure out how to organize them.


Written by geekypatty

November 13, 2009 at 6:14 pm

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