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I owe an apology to The Nagging Entity

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It turns out I am, if not a liar, a thief and a slut, at least the owner of undoumented software. Let me let Misfit tell it:

“Unfortunately, the product key you provided is not a genuine Office product key. Note that the report says you have an invalid VLK, which means that your computer has a Volume Licensing edition of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 installed. An “invalid” VLK is one that was not issued by Microsoft, rather software pirates use a program that reverse engineers the Product Key algorithm and then uses it to generate new “keygen” product Keys that will install the product but will not pass activation and/or validation, sicne they are not Microsoft-generated Product Keys.

“As an individual consumer you should never have been sold Volume Licensing materials such as a VL CD, and you certainly should not have received an invaid Product Key.

“Your first course of action is to confront your seller with this information and demand either a full refund or to receive the genuine software you paid for.

“If the seller refuses to help, please file a piracy report at Also, depending upon whether you received “high quality” counterfeit maerials, you may qualify for the Office Complimentary Offer. Please see the FAQ here:”

As directed, I have e-mailed the seller via Amazon’s site. However, in doing so, I noticed the person has apparently not been active on Amazon since last March. Oh-oh.


Written by geekypatty

November 24, 2009 at 3:42 pm

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