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Caveat emptor, Amazon style

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Notified that a seller had taken my $175 and provided me with pirated software, Amazon said, in effect, “not our problem. Even though you didn’t know it was pirated, you should have reported it within our deadline. Since you only just found out and didn’t file a timely report, please now file a request for an Amazon investigation that we won’t tell you the outcome of. And too bad about your money.”

The seller, SAM’S Storefront, had the same “na na na, you passed the deadline” response. Not even a “sorry that I sold you bogus goods.”

I also filed a piracy report with Microsoft, in possibly vain hopes of getting one of its “get out of jail free” complimentary software packages for those who bought high-quality counterfeit software. I hope Microsoft has more clout to hold Amazon responsible for selling counterfeits than I do. They can throw $400/hour lawyers at each other and I hope it costs Amazon a small fortune, not that it would notice. Me, I’d just like my $175 back.


Written by geekypatty

December 1, 2009 at 6:50 pm

Posted in Software

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