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Some days you don’t. Yesterday, my I.T. Person du Jour (a k a Jenna) said that instead of dealing with my locked-up Internet Explorer, I should make Firefox my browser. She leaned over my shoulder to make that happen and I clicked buttons when prompted that supposedly transferred my bookmarks. But when I opened Gmail via Firefox, my bookmarks weren’t there. And yesterday, I Just Couldn’t Deal With It. I went back to IE.

But today, Geekypatty got out of bed and first thing, put on her big-girl panties. I did a Google search (from IE) and found some pretty clear Mozilla instructions for importing IE bookmarks from one computer to Firefox on another. That wasn’t exactly my issue, but what the hell.

In IE, I followed this sequence: Bookmarks, Organize Bookmarks, Import and Export, Export HTML, Save Bookmark HTML to desktop. Then (as I remember — it gets fuzzy because I just followed prompts without writing down what I did) I opened Firefox and followed somewhat the same sequence only importing. After a few more chimpanzee-like button-pushings (see below), I had my bookmarks.

Efficient? No. Truly geeky? No. Satisfying? Yes.


Written by geekypatty

December 3, 2009 at 8:37 am

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