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Apparently, I’ll do anything to keep from scanning more family photos. Even though I wasn’t quite ready to start video, I decided to poke around a bit on it. I’d recorded a bunch of videos on the Flip camera, and knew there was a USB connector (is that the right term?) that pops out. I plugged it into my computer, but got an error message that it wasn’t connected. So, off I went on Internet searches. Turns out I needed to download a program first, but then I was able to dump my video from camera to computer. When  I went looking for free video-editing software, a site said that Windows Movie Maker was probably my best bet. I figured, rightly as it turns out, that I might already have it loaded. (It didn’t come up initially on my programs menu, or at least I didn’t see it, but when I searched for it by name, up it popped.)

I am not patient enough to learn this methodically, so I just started editing by trial-and-error, interrupting myself for quick Internet searches for how-to information when I got stumped.

I muddlingly edited  some film into a brief storyboard. Needs work, but I get the general idea and I’m pleased the Flip isn’t going to be a flop. But I can tell this is going to be (another) time-consuming process. Fortunately, I have time. Also fortunately, I have a deadline.


Written by geekypatty

December 8, 2009 at 2:28 pm

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