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I was in the tub, soaking in therapeutic bath salts (thanks, Jen) and reading the latest Oprah magazine. In my defense, I only got O mag because it was a cheap introductory subscription, I am still not quite finished recuperating from the flu and it took all the mid-afternoon energy I could muster to drag myself and an (I’m sorry, Oprah) easy-read magazine that far.

But faster than a half-dozen annoying card inserts can fall out of Oprah’s magazine, Flu-ypatty became Geekypatty. Farah Miller’s Hi, Tech! column told me at least a half-dozen things I’d been doing wrong or could do better in my blog. For instance, “link to well-established sites.” (Done. You don’t get much more established than And don’t just create a link under the word “here.” Farah writes, “Click here means nothing to a search engine, but Find a childcare provider says a lot.”

These are good tips for search-engine optimization. But that presumes a) I want people to find my blog and make fun of my ignorance and b) that moving my blog up from about the 20-millionith return to the 19,999,948th return is much of an achievement. Farah also suggests I should purchase my own URL for a buck 99 at Now THAT I might do. Anybody who suckers for an $18 Oprah magazine offer may not be able to turn down a cheap domain name.

Ah, it turns out that the offer was too good to be true. You have to buy something to get the $1.99 rate. But maybe someday I’ll spring for the $10.69 (for the first year) rate. I’ll add “figure out if I need a domain name” to the ever-growing Geekypatty to-do list.


Written by geekypatty

December 18, 2009 at 5:38 pm

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