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Finally, I am genuine

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First, I have to say that Microsoft treated me well and I have to give it an A in customer service. Second, I have to admit that I should have caveat-emptored my purchase of Office software. Third, borrowing the immortal words of my I.T. guy, I have to reiterate that SAM’s Storefront and Amazon both blow goats.

All that is preparatory to this: After I reported my counterfeit software to Microsoft and shipped off my disks and packaging, within about a week give or take, the company had shipped me a legitimate copy of Office at no further cost (they’ll do that for those who unknowingly purchased non-Genuine software and cooperate in their validation process). Tonight, following directions, I uninstalled my bogus copy from SAM’s Storefront via Amazon (both of whom refused to make good on the purchase because I hadn’t discovered they had sold me non-genuine product until past their deadlines for returns). I then installed the genuine software that Microsoft provided. I had to do a full shutdown-and-start because I was still getting the “non-genuine” tag after only a restart. But finally, eureka! Microsoft no longer labels me a liar, a slut and a thief. Microsoft forgives me, and has dubbed me genuine.

I think I’m going to cry.

In the spirit of Christmas, I am trying to practice my personal mantras of “grace” and “joy.” That is why I will not take this opportunity to hope that Microsoft’s legal department uses the information I’ve provided to make the lives of SAM’s Storefront and Amazon a living hell. That would be petty.

Instead, I will acknowledge my own fallibility, the learning opportunity created by the many hours I have devoted to trying to become a genuine user and the high road taken by Microsoft in this entire process. If it somehow turns out, however, that Microsoft’s legal department makes life a living hell for SAM’s Storefront and Amazon, well, I could be OK with that.

Grace and joy.


Written by geekypatty

December 26, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Posted in Software

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