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It just took me an hour to order prints online from Bartell’s. It is not Bartell’s fault. It is mine. I am so technologically unintuitive that I fear I may never become a geek.

I selected the photos I wanted and collated them into a Picasa album but then couldn’t figure out how to send to Bartell’s from Picasa (Picasa’s site actually listed Walgreen’s as an option which probably would have saved me a lot more time even if it meant driving the longer distance to that store) so I e-mailed the selected photos to my Gmail account and then tried to copy them to a folder on my desktop for uploading but I had to grope to retrieve the folder from the Bartell’s photo process and when I finally did the photos were zipped and apparently not good enough quality so I got an error message that the resolution wouldn’t work and trashed them and started over uploading each virgin photo again to the Bartell’s system but kept getting informed that I had no photos in my album and it turns out it was idiot operator error because I thought I was selecting the photos I wanted by getting a blue border around each but instead I should have been checking the box in the upper lefthand corner of each photo which I didn’t find out until I read the help file and then somehow duplicated the quantity and had to edit my cart but finally successfully placed my order.

I am going to give myself a couple of points for persistence but otherwise I pretty much flunked the test.

Advice from Chimpanzeepatty: Read Bartell’s help directions all the way through before you start. When you know just enough to assume you know what you’re doing, you’ll miss helpful tips such as:

“If an image has been emailed, chances are good the email application compressed the image prior to sending it. This means the image will not turn out well if printed.”


Written by geekypatty

December 28, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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