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Hello? Hello?

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Not that anybody would notice, but I quit blogging for a while. There were two major reasons, I reckon: One was that spring gardening called, and its siren song is more alluring than typing. Two is that after a couple of hours of self-education and trial-and-error on loading my hand-me-down iPod, I succeeded only in zapping my iPod and zapping my iTunes library and was just done trying to be humorous about technology. I was pissed and I was frustrated and I was in no mood to try, try again. Screw it and screw blogging about it. The barren device sat accusingly on my desk for weeks and I glared daggers at it in return.

The problem, as with some other of my problems, is that I inherited a lesser iPod from Will when he got a better one (see the golf-club story, below) and had no clue how to use it. On the one hand, yippee, a free iPod. On the other, even something so supposedly user-friendly was terra incognita to me. Will had kindly loaded a bunch of tunes from Mike’s computer on it and I had stuck the iPod in my car. Jenna put a copy of the library on my computer.

While my husband and I love a lot of the same tunes, there are some genres where our tastes diverge. I would find myself hating whole segments of the music on my iPod, which sort of defeats the purpose. Geekypatty assigned herself the learning challenge of editing her borrowed library on the computer and syncing it to the iPod. The result, you already know. Dis-effing-aster.

But Will yesterday gave me a late-night tutorial on the final night of his quick Seattle visit, and got the process set up. I was able to finish the project this afternoon.

Driving with sunglasses on, the windows down and great music playing is how to celebrate a gorgeous sunny day in Seattle. Today, I was there. I loved each song on my iPod. I sang along. Technology is grand.


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May 14, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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