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Mike traded his ancient BlackBerry in for a Droid earlier this week, and Jenna spent part of her Saturday in Seattle helping her technologically challenged-but-smartphone-addicted father figure out how to use the touchscreen features. However, they didn’t get it linked to his University of Washington e-mail account before she left.

He said he was going to deal with it Monday, but I heard the same disappointed tone of voice as a kid who gets exactly the present he wants for Christmas, but because Santa forgot the batteries, has to wait until the next day to play with it.

It was more than Geekypatty could stand. Googling “how to sync Droid to University of Washington e-mail” returned the UW IT’s site and fishing around led to the instructions for linking an iPhone and the assurance that the Droid was pretty much the same.

Well, that blithe assumption was a bit optimistic for those at our level of expertise, but after much muddling, the team of Geekypatty and Geekymikey got that sucker syncd.

I was left with two observations:

1. Despite the muddling, I’ve come a long way. At the start of my techno odyssey, I wouldn’t even have assumed I could perform this task.

2. UW IT needs to update its site. Sharon Chan’s really interesting Seattle Times piece today on the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 noted that Google Android has grown to 16 percent market share for smartphones, ahead of the iPhone’s 15 percent. Two hundred thousand Androids are activated per day, she wrote. I’m thinking the screen captures illustrating the IT instructions probably should reflect the fast-changing realities of smartphones. But I’m guessing the UW IT staff has a few other things on its to-do list.

At least Mike and I saved UW IT the trouble of syncing his phone to his e-mail!


Written by geekypatty

October 10, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Posted in Misc Tech

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