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Two posts today, making up for lost time.

Santa (a k a) Mike got me a new camera for Christmas, replacing the ancient Kodak EasyShare that was my first foray into idiot-proof point-and-shoot photography. Familiarity, I’m afraid, bred contempt. My new one, a Canon PowerShot A3100, is not exactly going to win admiring glances from any halfway decent photographer, but according to the reviews, it is good for under a buck-fifty and about all the camera I will need for taking pictures on vacation.

The double X-chromosome dictating that I read the owner’s manual, I’ve been following along and taking practice shots. In the process, I retrieved a memory card from the small basket of mostly abandoned technology (there are boxes and boxes in our house) and decided to give it a New Year clean-out. Here are the cords I untangled:

Why are there three identical sets of earbuds? What Sanyo gadget did the adaptor belong to? Does that big-ass adaptor thing go with the soon-to-be-donated Kodak camera dock? And finally, how many other households have similar wads of cables? Does anybody, anywhere, want these, or will they end up in landfills to be puzzled over millennia from now by more advanced life forms?

Back to playing with my new camera. Which came with two new sets of cables.


Written by geekypatty

January 1, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Posted in Misc Tech, Photo

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