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PDF: the “d” stands for damn; don’t ask about the “f”

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In my continuing campaign to clean up the backlog of items on skills I learned in doing my mom’s book, here’s one on saving a Word file as a PDF. PDF stands for Portable Document File, not Piss Damn etc. Although I was using the latter words substantially more than the former as I wrestled the book into being.

My very helpful printer, Steve at Sir Speedy, wanted the book sent to him as a PDF using the Acrobat “press quality” setting. I’d certainly read PDFs before, and scanned documents in that format before, but I’d never created one. Turns out it’s easy. Word Help told me how. First it said to install Adobe Acrobat. As noted below, that’s another item.

In your Word document, click the top-left colorful Office button, and go to “Save As.” Select the PDF option, enter a file name and under “Optimize,” specify whether you need the space-hog print quality or the less demanding online version. Oh, and the thing I often forget to do: Under “Favorite Links” in the message box, be sure you spec where you want the PDF stored so you later don’t have to go hunting through your computer for it while saying things like “piss,” “damn,” etc. Open “Options” at the bottom, and fill it in. Click OK and click “Publish.”

Pretty darn fast.


Written by geekypatty

January 15, 2011 at 5:19 pm

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