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Another item from Margaret’s book project. Goal: To have an unnumbered insert section of glossy photo pages in the middle of the numbered pages of text in a single document file. Problem: Word insists on numbering pages sequentially. Solution: Never found it and after an hour or two of trying, ran out of time. I had to ask the printer to insert the photo pages by hand.

I was perfectly willing to number/not number the pages manually in Word. Nope.

Judging by my Google search, it’s a common frustration. Microsoft offers page-numbering help. But I couldn’t make it work. Worse, I was jeopardizing my proofed layout on deadline by tinkering with the footers.

The answer apparently lies in defining the text in sections, which I learned to do, but I was stymied by how to get the numbering of the third section (the second half of the text) to start with the correct (continued) number on a right-hand page. Perhaps the answer lies in this explanation.

Or perhaps it doesn’t. I had conducted a cost-benefit analysis while banging my head against a wall, and determined that whatever extra I would have to pay for the printer to hand-insert unnumbered photo pages into 35 books was cheaper than the time, risk and frustration I was experiencing with something that ought to have been so simple. I’m sorry to report I gave up.


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January 18, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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