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Yes, I can

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I had a success today only tangentially related to the topic of the blog, but worth noting because it was mostly due to the lessons I’ve learned from being Geeky Patty.

I replaced the rechargeable battery pack for my long-dormant Black and Decker DS 600 shrub trimmer, which is not a thing like replacing the batteries in a camera or a flashlight. It requires dismantling the tool (after calling the Black and Decker service center on Airport Way to make sure I was doing it right and to the very nice man who answered the phone, much credit for not saying “lady, we’re a service center and make our money repairing tools. Why should we give you DIY advice?”) I held my breath removing nearly a dozen screws holding the plastic casing together and thus had very little air to gasp with when a bunch of pieces fell out before I could verify the order in which they fit together.

Resolving to deal with that later, I disconnected one wire from the old battery pack but the other would not break free, so pretty sure I was going to ruin the part, I gingerly took a pair of pliers to it. Victory. Sort of, because in the process the guts were spronging out of the space they were intricately tucked into.

Long story short, I panicked a bit thinking I was going to have to take a bag of parts to the service center for reassembly, but in the end I figured it all out and got everything stuffed back in. The result: A small but intense feeling of satisfaction, and a shrub trimmer that worked the way it was supposed to.

What Geeky Patty said to herself: You can do this. Go look at the diagram. What it doesn’t show, use logic to figure out. It’s not working, so the parts must go together the other way. Take a breath and don’t give in to “I’ve screwed this up.”

I’m not sure I would have done this before the self-education of my techno-odyssey.

The battery cost almost as much as a new tool on Amazon, not that I will ever again make a purchase there in what remains of my lifetime (see below), so it would have been easy to throw the old one into the landfill and start fresh. But it was a gift from my frugal Norwegian make-it-do stepfather and my late mother, whom I miss to this day. It mattered symbolically, but also intrinsically. More and more, I try to do even small things in my life that take care of what we have.

And Geeky Patty has learned she can do things she never used to do.


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July 26, 2011 at 7:29 pm

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