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You have to laugh, or you’d cry

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Here are the instructions we had to create for a guest on how to use the televisions in our house. My husband drafted them, I idiot-tested them and we both revised and revised for clarity. The process took a long time. And I kept wondering, why did ANY businesses ever let any consumer product out their doors that was this breathtakingly technologically illogical?

“The old-style televisions work with the singular Comcast remotes nearest to where they’re located. The exception is the guest-room TV. You have to scroll up or down through all the channels to reach your selection.

“The widescreen downstairs can require three remotes and is very frustrating — sorry. The first to use is the large black Samsung. Press ‘power.’ Press ‘menu.’ Scroll down three times with gray inverted-triangle down button on the center ring. At ‘source list’ press the round, gray button twice. To play a DVD, select ‘AV1/DVD’ and push the round, gray button. Screen will read ‘No Time Information/No Signal.’ (DVD instructions continue below.) For regular TV viewing, ignore the TV or PC options. Instead, scroll to ‘component 2’ and press the round, gray button. The TV will come on. (TV instructions continue below.)

“From this point, for DVD viewing use the small, black Philips remote. Start with the power button on top and wait a few seconds. Use the top triangle button – the one just below the power button — to open and close the sliding tray. Insert disk and use ‘OK’ to play.

“For regular TV viewing, use the gray Comcast remote. I usually only use the keypad to change stations. Let’s say you’re viewing MSNBC on channel 47 and you want to change to the Food Channel on 35. Simply press 3 and 5 on the keypad then press the oval red ‘OK/Select’ button in the middle of the remote.

“To view other expanded Comcast options, press the oval ‘menu’ button.

“And, yes, all of this is ridiculously (and no doubt needlessly) complex…  All of the above, FYI, only took me about a month to figure out.”


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August 18, 2011 at 10:20 am

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