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I opted for the pay version of AVG internet security when I got the re-up notice, even though one of my I.T. guys (the Portland one) said I’d probably be fine with the free version. The difference, he thought, was the free version checked for bugs after the fact, while the pay version verified sites before the fact. But, he said, if I’d feel better with the higher level of protection, go for it. So I did, for around $40/year. (Using the same rationale, I bought the fifty-buck Backblaze to back up up my computer rather than continue the manual monthly back-up. It seemed to be the best choice for me based on a DigitalEve Seattle discussion and I had too much content at risk to continue to trust a home-done effort.)

One of my scheduled  fall projects was to go through and eliminate duplicate photos, and another was to research what it would take to speed up my computer (aside from taking off thousands of photos, which I still plan to do, at which point I may no longer need Backblaze, after all). But AVG sent me a customer-service come-on note offering a free PC tune-up, “a fast, simple and effective way to tweak your system’s settings and get the most out of your computer.”I’m a sucker for free, so I tried it. It said it found something like 9,000 errors, bugs, flaws, duplicates, garbage and other deficiencies, and invited me to run the repair. I did.

I can’t say I have noticed much difference in the speed. I think the photos are probably the main culprit and their mass would mask any improvement.  But it does feel good to have redd up the computer. And it’s not even fall yet.

Would I buy the AVG PC tune-up? Probably not.


Written by geekypatty

September 16, 2011 at 7:36 pm

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