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Carmen to Don Jose: It’s over. I’ve unfriended you on FB.

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I’m going to become a regular reader of TechFlash now that my talented friend and former Seattle Times coworker Michele Matassa Flores has become Assistant Managing Editor for Digital Media at the Puget Sound Business Journal. Her first post, “Why does TechFlash care about the Seattle Opera,” ponders the way technology is interwoven with Seattle life.

She writes: “The Seattle Opera blogs ‘If Carmen and her friends were on Facebook,’ featuring a mock Facebook page filled with clever, fictional posts by characters in the show playing through Saturday (Oct. 29) at McCaw Hall.”

Having seen “Carmen” this week at Seattle Opera, I have to say I was dubious about a possible connection between technology and Bizet’s fateful story of love scorned. But then I thought about how raw people’s emotions get when they’re unfriended on Facebook, and realized that today Bizet could just as plausibly had Don Jose stab Carmen over discovering that she’d taken their relationship off her profile.

(As much as I enjoyed this production of “Carmen,” one of my indelible memories of opera is a previous Seattle Opera production that curtained-down with a white-dressed Carmen leaving a crimson blood streak on a stark white wall as she died. Breathtaking.)


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October 28, 2011 at 4:30 pm

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