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I was featured today in a Seattle Times article on Zoe Krumm, a business-intelligence manager on Microsoft‘s anti-piracy team. More precisely, maybe Krumm included my case (see blog entries below, below, below….) among Washington state contacts in her efforts to track down people who sell counterfeit software. Janet Tu writes:

“Since 2005, Microsoft has received nearly 400,000 leads from customers around the world, 2,850 alone from Washington state.

“The typical submission comes from someone who bought counterfeit software off an online marketplace or downloaded it from a fake Microsoft site.

“Microsoft replaces those products free, in exchange for information about where the fake product was purchased and for giving the product itself to Microsoft.”

That describes me, and apparently 2,849 other Washingtonians.

I wonder how many of them took unseemly satisfaction from last week’s Times four-parter on Amazon’s business practices. My personal boycott of this “online marketplace” continues. And that includes not linking to Amazon in my blog that no one reads.

Ha, and yes, I know how to carry a grudge.


Written by geekypatty

April 9, 2012 at 8:18 am

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