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Poor blog, I’ve abandoned you. But I had a tech experience today that was simply too funny not to pass on.

My computer was whirring in a very distressing way. I couldn’t recall when the noise had started, but maybe it was since I had used a free AVG cleansing scan that was followed for days by annoying popups to buy the download (I should not complain about the cost of something free). Perhaps that was the reason. Or perhaps there was something wrong with Chrome that was screwing up my computer, because it was running ver-rrrrr-rrry slowly and some sites were not displaying properly. I ran malwarebytes at the suggestion of The Times Sunday Patrick Marshall column, and came up clean. I Googled something along the lines of “computer whirring and running slow,” and was advised that it could be a dusty or bad fan running hot, or that my hard drive was dying in which case I better back up all my files pronto. Which I did, before going back to my Google search. I was advised to download Process Explorer to see what was sucking power from my computer. Which I did, only to discover that Chrome was the major discretionary power sucker. I uninstalled Chrome but it didn’t help, so I reinstalled Chrome. I used some free error-identification tool that identified a lot of errors, none of which looked like the cause of my issues.

As I was calculating the cost of a new computer…. oh, hell, long story short:

I turned over the laptop, discovered a lot of lint clogging the vent screen over the fan and sucked the lint off with the vacuum. The whirring has stopped.

What I should have used in this process was Occam’s Razor.


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February 6, 2013 at 10:22 pm

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