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The geeks and I vanquish Error 5100

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I got Error 5100 on my Canon Pixma iP4000 printer. I’d never seen that message before (although lord knows I’ve seen my share of error messages), and it happened when I canceled a double-sided print job in progress to make it print on 2 pages. I Googled the error and found that it had stumped a lot of people,  many clearly geekier than I, but had been resolved lots of different ways, many having to do with holding the Power button down whilst pressing the Resume button some varying amount of times that sounded a lot like magical thinking.

Several other resolutions involved cleaning the clear tape with rubbing alcohol in case it had gotten ink on it. Or replacing the ink cartridges. Or vacuuming. Or Or Or. I did some of those, including vacuuming, which had worked so well for me last time, all the while thinking Operator Error in somehow changing the printing instructions midstream. To no avail. The geeks had solved their problems, but not mine.

In the course of cleaning things with rubbing alcohol, however, I noticed a big smear of black ink on the right floor of the printer’s innards, under where the cartridge holder sat while it was resting. I sopped up an enormous amount of black ink with an old pillowcase remnant wet with rubbing alcohol.

Yes! I do not know why that was the problem, but after the cleaning and much whirring and back-and-forth, the printer agreed to print again.

It’s magic!


Written by geekypatty

March 14, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Posted in Misc Tech

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