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… I have a new four-in-one printer that I installed with only minimal frustration (mostly around linking it to our answering machine and getting rid of the Comcast Xfinity voicemail that I never asked for when we bundled a couple months ago). It’s an HP Photosmart 7520, which got pretty good reviews for its price point. In one day, I’ve already used 3 of its 4 functions and sure do like it. But it’s early yet.

The bad news? I also liked my old Canon printer, even though it had only one function. But I was done in by Error 5100.  The error message reappeared after I thought I’d been successful in making it go away. After several days with no printer and several hours of trying to resolve Error 5100, I chucked the Pixma in. I did the cost/benefit analysis of time/upgrade/money and the Pixma lost.

This time, at least, I tried to pay attention to ink costs, not just upfront costs. The consensus on the sites I researched is that all ink is a scam (kind of like the cheap razor and the expensive razor blades).

It pained me severely to have to recycle my old Canon cartridges with ink still in them.


Written by geekypatty

March 22, 2013 at 5:47 pm

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