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I had to resurrect Geekypatty just to say how mad I am at HP

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My HP Photosmart 7520 all-in-one printer worked fine, even for me. Until today, when it refused to scan to email even though it had scanned to email many times before. It took the best part of THREE HOURS to research the solution. In the process, I found THIRTY-SEVEN PAGES of people on the HP support forum who had the same problem, which some apparently solved using a secret that HP would not just put on the site but sent to people individually if they begged.

Here is what I believe happened: HP rebranded its old eprint function to ever-more-user-friendly-sounding HP Connected, and in the process destroyed users’ existing scan-to-email configuration. After I established a new HP Connected account, darned if scan to email didn’t work just fine.

I sure wish I had back the three hours of my life that HP stole as I previously tried at least a half-dozen other internet-recommended alternatives. I don’t even want to know what I probably did by secretly accessing the HP “Underware” engineering function to try one guy’s advice to reset.

Here’s what worked for me, provided by a person named Noose, who must be a genius. As you’re looking at the printer homescreen:

“You want the icon to the LEFT of the wifi icon.  If you touch it, the next screen says Web Services. On that screen touch settings.  Then the next screen that you see will have as the 3rd down option.  “Remove web Services”.  The next screen asks you if you want to continue.  Click yes.  Do the uninstall. Then reinstall.

“To reinstall you will want the same screen that you touched to uninstall to go through the uninstall steps.”

I love Noose. And I feel very, very dis-Connected — not to say dismayed, distraught, distrustful, discontented and dissed — with, by and over HP.


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February 19, 2015 at 4:39 pm

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