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Trying to think win-win

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There will be a post coming about scanners, drivers, Canon tech support, WinZip and WinZip tech support. If you think there’s a story behind this, you probably have read Patty Goes Geeky before. I’ve already got hours into trying to solve the problem, including half an hour or so with an incredibly patient Canon techie who, bless his heart, I think let the tiniest bit of frustration creep into his voice as he said the problem must be with my computer and he couldn’t fix it. I am now waiting to hear back from WinZip, so I will know how the story ends. Sigh.

But in the meantime, I encountered another simple thing I used to not know how to do, but now I do. The WinZip person asked me to send a screen capture of the error messages I was getting. I didn’t know how to do that, but I know enough to know that it must be very simple and it was something I already should have learned to do. I did a search and found the Vista directions before I noticed she’d thoughtfully included a link to instructions in the e-mail.

Here’s my version: Click the Start button, type “snip” in the search box, double-click the return for “snipping tool” and use it to draw a box around the area you want to capture. Save it and use it.

Let us now hope that the solution to my Canon/WinZip issue can be handled as deftly. I’m not counting on it.


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January 27, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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Wrong number

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Well, that didn’t work very well, did it? I came across a SanDisk Mobile Card Reader/Writer, unopened, in the box of my husband’s abandoned BlackBerry phone. It’s for transferring photos from cell phone to computer, and I NEED THAT! I scissored open the package and started reading the directions. Alas, to use it I needed the card out of my hand-me-down phone, which I couldn’t find. But wait, there was also a cable in that box that fit both my phone and the USB port on my laptop, so maybe I could bypass the thumb-drive-looking gizmo and connect directly. But wait, I had to download new software. But wait, my computer didn’t recognize the attached device. But wait, maybe both devices needed to be restarted.

Nope. After researching what kind of phone I inherited (a V323i), I discovered Motorola’s directions and online troubleshooter didn’t accomplish my task. I Googled a site that answered a similar question with, “You idiot, there’s no card in that phone so the only thing you can do is e-mail the photos to yourself,” and the comment thread was closed because of the inappropriate response. But both the other questioner and I agreed that maybe the flamer was right.

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January 15, 2012 at 12:14 pm

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Wonderful how-to site for labeling photos

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OMG, if you’re a newbie at managing family photos generally and labeling digital photos specifically, have I got a site for you: Digital Cameras and Genealogy.

Chimpanzeepatty has been (mostly) diligent about captioning photos as I’ve been scanning. But as Ken Watson notes, if your goal is preserving and sharing these ephemeral documents widely and for the long haul, you are wise to embed the I.D.s into the photo in a non-proprietary format that’s likely to be around decades from now. So Geekypatty gave it a try.

Fortunately, my free picture software in Windows and in Picasa both allow me to do this. Watson tells how. In Windows, for instance, the IPTC/XMP open standard data can be entered by right-clicking on the photo, opening “Properties,” opening “Details,” and entering the I.D. under “Title.” To make sure it’s there, open the photo in your viewer, “save as” a new file name and then open to confirm the name is embedded. Like this, when you mouse over the image:

Oops, I just discovered that my version of Picasa probably needs to be upgraded to make this work properly. But, scarred as I am from my technological adventures, I first did a paranoid Google search about upgrading to 3.8 and the effect on photos currently stored in version 3 and discovered, sure enough, there is a risk of compromisng what you’ve got and having to revert to a backup.

Uh, cancel. Back away from that upgrade.

I solved the problem for this purpose by specifying that the blog photo open in Windows sted Picasa. But now — sigh — my to-do list includes researching how to upgrade Picasa safely.

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January 19, 2011 at 4:30 pm

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Two posts today, making up for lost time.

Santa (a k a) Mike got me a new camera for Christmas, replacing the ancient Kodak EasyShare that was my first foray into idiot-proof point-and-shoot photography. Familiarity, I’m afraid, bred contempt. My new one, a Canon PowerShot A3100, is not exactly going to win admiring glances from any halfway decent photographer, but according to the reviews, it is good for under a buck-fifty and about all the camera I will need for taking pictures on vacation.

The double X-chromosome dictating that I read the owner’s manual, I’ve been following along and taking practice shots. In the process, I retrieved a memory card from the small basket of mostly abandoned technology (there are boxes and boxes in our house) and decided to give it a New Year clean-out. Here are the cords I untangled:

Why are there three identical sets of earbuds? What Sanyo gadget did the adaptor belong to? Does that big-ass adaptor thing go with the soon-to-be-donated Kodak camera dock? And finally, how many other households have similar wads of cables? Does anybody, anywhere, want these, or will they end up in landfills to be puzzled over millennia from now by more advanced life forms?

Back to playing with my new camera. Which came with two new sets of cables.

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January 1, 2011 at 4:31 pm

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PDQ item on PDFs

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I have a ton of stored-up items about skills I have acquired, or sort of acquired, from the deadline-driven race to finish my mom’s book. Until I get that book done, I wasn’t planning to post all the tech things I’ve learned. But this is fast.

If you need to transfer an image from a PDF, here’s the how-to from Adobe Reader Help:

“Use the Snapshot tool to copy pictures from a PDF.

1. Choose Tools > Select & Zoom > Snapshot Tool Snapshot tool.
2. Drag a rectangle around the image you want to save, and then release the mouse button.

The selection is automatically copied to the clipboard, and you can choose Edit > Paste in another application to paste the copied image into another document.”

That’s assuming you’ve installed Adobe Reader. But that’s an item for another time.

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December 1, 2010 at 12:06 pm

Feeling both a chimp and a chump

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It just took me an hour to order prints online from Bartell’s. It is not Bartell’s fault. It is mine. I am so technologically unintuitive that I fear I may never become a geek.

I selected the photos I wanted and collated them into a Picasa album but then couldn’t figure out how to send to Bartell’s from Picasa (Picasa’s site actually listed Walgreen’s as an option which probably would have saved me a lot more time even if it meant driving the longer distance to that store) so I e-mailed the selected photos to my Gmail account and then tried to copy them to a folder on my desktop for uploading but I had to grope to retrieve the folder from the Bartell’s photo process and when I finally did the photos were zipped and apparently not good enough quality so I got an error message that the resolution wouldn’t work and trashed them and started over uploading each virgin photo again to the Bartell’s system but kept getting informed that I had no photos in my album and it turns out it was idiot operator error because I thought I was selecting the photos I wanted by getting a blue border around each but instead I should have been checking the box in the upper lefthand corner of each photo which I didn’t find out until I read the help file and then somehow duplicated the quantity and had to edit my cart but finally successfully placed my order.

I am going to give myself a couple of points for persistence but otherwise I pretty much flunked the test.

Advice from Chimpanzeepatty: Read Bartell’s help directions all the way through before you start. When you know just enough to assume you know what you’re doing, you’ll miss helpful tips such as:

“If an image has been emailed, chances are good the email application compressed the image prior to sending it. This means the image will not turn out well if printed.”

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December 28, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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Meet my I.T. staff

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In one of my earliest posts, I described a day when I’d be able to find photos buried on my computer without asking one of my kids for help. So, to break up the boredom of scanning, I decided to see if today was the day. Here are some of the old photos I’ve unearthed. Let’s see if I can publish them to the blog:

I.T. Person John

I.T. Person Jenna

I.T. Person Will (note left hand)

Hmmm, sort of. It took me two tries to get  the caption in the right place, and my crops didn’t transfer. I’ll need to work on that. But all in all, I’ve made progress.

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December 8, 2009 at 1:46 pm

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